Tips and Stutong Neighborhood Watch


  • Work with the police department. These agencies are critical to a Watch group’s credibility and are the source of necessary information and training.
  • Link up with your victims’ services office to get your members trained in helping victims of crime.
  • Hold regular meetings to help residents get to know each other and to decide upon program strategies and activities.
  • Consider linking with an existing organization, such as a citizens’ association, community development office, tenants’ association, or housing authority. They may be able to provide an existing infrastructure you can use.
  • Canvass door-to-door to recruit members.
  • Ask people who seldom leave their homes to be “window watchers,” looking out for children and reporting any unusual activities in the neighborhood.
  • Sponsor a crime and drug prevention fair at a church hall, temple, shopping mall, or community center.
  • Gather the facts about crime in your neighborhood. Check police reports, conduct victimization surveys, and learn residents’ perceptions about crimes. Often, residents’ opinions are not supported by facts, and accurate information can reduce the fear of crime.
  • Physical conditions like abandoned cars or overgrown vacant lots contribute to crime. Sponsor cleanups, encourage residents to beautify the area, and ask them to turn on outdoor lights at night.
  • Work with small businesses to repair rundown storefronts, clean up littered streets, and create jobs for young people.
  • Start a block parent program to help children cope with emergencies while walking to and from school or playing in the area.
  • Emphasize that Watch groups are not vigilantes and should not assume the role of the police. Their duty is to ask neighbors to be alert, observant, and caring—and to report suspicious activity or crimes immediately to the police.

Increasing our Neighborhood Security Together

Home security is a subject that is on the minds of many people. Some neighborhoods just attract home intrusions as well, particularly homes where the burglar can count on usually finding something of value that will make the risk of breaking in worth it. Often these kind of homes are found fairly close together and so a neighborhood can easily become a target for burglars.

However, there is an extremely effective tool in fighting this kind of illegal activity, and it has been proven to work many times over in one neighborhood after another. That tool is a neighborhood watch program. You may ask, just what is a neighborhood watch program? Well simply put, it is a cooperative effort on the part of neighbors in a particular area or on a street to pool their efforts together to track any suspicious activity that may be taking place in their neighborhood to try to prevent burglaries in the first place.

Why do these neighborhood watch programs work so well? Think about it from the aspect of the burglar. They usually like to scope out an area or house before making the burglary. They also like to have an easy and quick entry and exit with little likelihood of being seen or observed as they go about their business. A neighborhood watch program represents a serious threat to all of that.

If a neighborhood is on high alert to suspicious outsiders, they find it very hard to be able to do any advance surveillance of a home without someone reporting them and having to deal with law enforcement. And that also lessens the chance that they can get in and out of a home in that area without someone noticing what they are doing. It often just isn’t worth the obvious risk to the burglar and so they move on to a different area where the opportunity for success is much higher instead.

Now it is important to note that just simply putting up signs in the area saying that a neighborhood watch is in effect is not enough. The neighbors have to actually actively participate in the program to make it effective. And once the word gets around that a neighborhood is watching and protecting it’s own, usually the crime there drops significantly.

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