Marketplace KTC: Entrepreneurial Mindset

Business is changing. Regular jobs are coming to an end. Starting your own business or app is the next big thing. Freedom is what workers want, and this is why so many are quitting or want to quit. The world is changing, and every day workers are evolving. Check out this awesome infographic about the mind of the entrepreneur and why freedom is their #1 goal. (post taken from here)


Successful Living Seminar (Education KTC)

We are looking for all young adults, university and college undergraduates! The SUCCESSFUL LIVING Seminar will be focusing on Financial Intelligence, Life Skills and Stress Management and its happening on the 25th of April at the MBKS Auditorium.

Please see flyer below for details and contacts. IMG-20150330-WA0010



Social Life @ TNC

The Social KTC has upped our recycling game for 2015 with the arrival of the 3 blue bins! If you are at TNC building anytime this month, you’ll notice 3 stately bins at the end of the parking lot anddd we heard that its already been emptied once! Amazing job everyone! We leave you with a few more tips on recycling (and saving the earth!)


Recycling is something that everyone can easily do, and it really does make a big difference. Here are some simple recycling tips that you can make and stick to.

  • Recycle all types of Paper (i.e.: junk mail, boxes, magazines, envelopes, food boxes), Bottles and Cans (aluminum, glass, metal, and plastic).
  • Buy products with little or no packaging and buying the largest size you can use. (This not only saves the amount of materials being thrown into trash or recycling cans, but also saves money!)
  • Buy reusable quality products such as non-disposable cameras, reusable or electric razors, reusable dishes, mugs and utensils, and have your child carry lunch in a reusable lunch box.
  • Buy products that are made with recycled materials. (Look for paper products that contain post-consumer content.)
  • Take only what you need (i.e. refuse unneeded give-a-ways, bags, or flyers).
  • Compost your backyard trimmings as well as your fruit and vegetable scraps.

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