This month we feature one of our own; Joyce Khoo is a budding YouTuber whose mantra is not really just about you or me or even herself. It is about all of us, as a community. She heads up her very own #socialenterprise called #soolproductions or aka Stories Of Our Lives.Together with a few friends; they sing a cover of ‘FLUME’ originally by Bon Iver (Music Video)

“Everyone has a story, Everyone deserves to be heard”
SOOL believes that stories shape a person.
It shapes their beliefs, their thought patterns, their cultures and their communities. After all, we are all products of the stories we’ve been told. In turn, the stories we tell will shape our future. So let’s make ’em good ones.
A big thank you to Matthew, Jessica, Nick, Chien Chien, Alester and Sam.

Location : Lantern Festival, Friendship Park (Kuching)
Music : Yellow Noice Matthew & Nick – Guitars Jessica & Joyce – Vocals
Audio Production : Alester – Momentum Studios
Video Production : Joyce – SOOL Productions

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